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Aurora, Ontario
Town of Aurora, Ontario
Elementary and Secondary Schools in Aurora
School Type Phone Number
Aurora Grove Public Elementary (incl. Fr. Immersion) 905-727-4435
Aurora Heights Public Elementary 905-727-6902
Aurora High School Public Secondary (incl. Fr. Immersion) 905-727-3107
Aurora Senior Public Elementary 905-727-9751
Cardinal Carter Catholic Elementary 905-727-2455
Devins Drive Public Elementary (incl. Fr. Immersion) 905-727-2022
Dr. G.W. Williams Public Secondary 905-727-3131
École Catholique Saint-Jean French Catholic Elementary 905-727-0131
École Sécondaire Catholique Renaissance French Catholic Secondary 905-727-4631
George Street Public Elementary 905-727-4921
Hartman Public Elementary 905-727-5938
Highview Public Elementary 905-727-6642
Holy Spirit Catholic Elementary 905-713-6813
Lester B. Pearson Public Elementary (incl. Fr. Immersion) 905-841-3030
Light of Christ Catholic Elementary 905-727-5400
Northern Lights Public Elementary 905-727-4224
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Elementary 905-727-5631
Regency Acres Public Elementary 905-727-9811
Rick Hansen Public Elementary 905-841-8025
St. Jerome Catholic Elementary 905-727-6593
St. Joseph Catholic Elementary 905-727-5728
St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Secondary 905-727-5682

Town of Aurora